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100 Experiências Inesquecíveis em Portugal


Author: Joke Langens, Dirk Timmerman

IT’S TIME TO GET ACQUAINTED. To take a short break from your daily routine. A day trip. A weekend getaway. Your annual summer or Christmas vacation. At some undefined time, to somewhere, somewhere. There is always something to experience in Europe’s oldest country. On wheels, on foot or in the air. Or perhaps by sea? Something adventurous, aquatic or urban, traditional, astronomical or cultural. A unique annual event or the most ordinary of experiences that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Night or day, dawn or dusk. Alone, with strangers or friends.
Surrounded by history, contemporary innovation, or innovative contemporaneity. In the end, the choice is yours. The when, what, who, why and where. It’s time to go visit.
This is not a travel guide, nor does it pretend to be. It is based on stories and histories, on people and other living beings, on smells and sounds. There is no chronological order to the hundred experiences that are suggested to be lived in this wonderful country. Geography takes center stage, from the mountainous north to the sun-drenched south. Inland and coast. City and countryside.

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