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A Divina Miséria


Author: João de Melo

From the same author of the famous novel Happy People with Tears. There are stories, characters, inventions about the world that can live with us for years and years, be part of our imagination and arouse in us the language of the so-called “great systems” political and social of our time. This is the case with this novel. The author has brought it with him from season to season, from book to book, in moments of pause, the urge to rewrite and unfinished work, among other fictions – like a text that was waiting for its own completeness, to only then exist outside of those who wrote and created it. The Divine Misery definitively separates itself from its author to acquire a life of its own and propose to us the image of modern obscurantism, the earthly and divine powers as the theme of a literature that tries to push the limits of its own imagination. Here is a living being on the fringe of its creator. It is about a new “trinity” that this novel tells us: the triumph of religion over the symbolic death of the Church, the collision course between the human and the transcendent, the great invading power of today’s world, stronger than God and absolute mistress of men.

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