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A Energia da Amazónia

Author: Luís Pedro Nunes, Joel Santos

Stories of engineers, resettled people, gold miners, Indians and sustainable dams in the green heart of Brazil.

“We challenged EDP to let us go to Brazil, to the Amazon to make a book about the dams that the company owns there, one of them still under construction at the time.

The response was almost immediate and positive, which led us to warn that both Joel and I were not going to do an “institutional book” praising the company – if there was no reason. We would go as we always do. And that my record would be … mine. The images would have Joel’s signature, so they would be the ones he chose. Here too we got the okay. Only then did I realize that the proposal I had drawn up was very audacious: going to all the “plants” in the Amazon region would take more than three weeks and only if the weather cooperated. I couldn’t stay that long out of Portugal. We ended up “doing” only four being that we spent more than two weeks in the Amazon region on the run with a travel plan executed millimeter by millimeter and that a substantial part of it was by plane, 4X4 or speedboat.

And the book is done.

It took about a year. A year in which Brazil changed.”