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Açores O Segredo das Ilhas


Author: João de Melo

A literary journey through the wonderful archipelago of the Azores.

“I believe it is more suited to being read in loco, with the visitor seated in the landscape, above the most beautiful sea in the world, in the belvederes situated halfway up a slope, on top of a volcanic cone or a hill, where it is possible to hear the sound of the waves, compare reality with the narrative of the journeys described here, listen to the silence of the land and the birds suspended from the vertical of any place. The book can be read before setting out to discover the unknown; or re-read when returning home, after visiting the islands, in order to recover emotions and gauge the images described in it by each person’s opinions. Reading it after the trip will be a way to synthesize this adventure that is always so extraordinary, as the pilgrimage through the nine islands of the Azores will always be: a touristic place, yes, but also poetic and literary according to each trip and its adventure.”

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