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Amália – Ditadura e Revolução


Author: Miguel Carvalho

They called her the “singer of the regime. Accused of serving the dictatorship and collaborating with the political police (PIDE), she was persecuted and ostracized after April 25, 1974, later regaining unanimity as the voice of Portugal in the world.
This is the secret story of Amália Rodrigues’ life. How did she relate to the Estado Novo and survive her admiration for Salazar? How did she face poverty, seduce the aristocracy and the intellectuals? How did she help political prisoners, sing forbidden poems, collaborate with anti-fascists, and clandestinely finance the opposition and the PCP? How did he survive the rumors, attacks and silencing attempts in the post-revolution? How did politicians, musicians, poets, the dictatorship and democracy deal with the greatest Portuguese singer of all time?

Amália – Ditadura e Revolução (the secret history) is a journalistic investigation that crosses two regimes and several continents and brings together close to a hundred exclusive interviews and statements, unpublished recordings of the fado singer and the personalities who lived with her, thousands of pages of never-before-released documents, as well as unknown letters and photographs of the singer.

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