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Cinco Voltas na Bahia e Um Beijo para Caetano Veloso


Author: Alexandra Lucas Coelho

Cinco Voltas na Bahia e um Beijo para Caetano Veloso, by Alexandra Lucas Coelho, is the answer to a challenge the author received from the musician and singer Caetano Veloso: to dedicate an entire book to Bahia, the state, the city of Salvador, the Recôncavo baiano, with, in the background, Caetano’s home, Santo Amaro da Purificação. But also Barra, Itapuã beach, Rio Vermelho, in a story that starts in Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz Cabrália, where Pedro Álvares Cabral and the sailor Nicolau arrived, who ends up having an unexpected and significant role. The book is thus an introduction, by the hand of a Portuguese woman, to the magical world of Jorge Amado, of Caetano, of Maria Bethânia, of João Gilberto, of the terreiros, of the mães de santo, of candomblé. In short, an evocation of names and places that fill our memory when we evoke Brazil.

Cinco Voltas na Bahia e um Beijo para Caetano Veloso is the last volume of a trilogy, the others being Vai, Brasil (1) and Deus-dará (2).

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