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Como Não Fazer Dieta


Author: Michael Greger

Imagine if it were possible to bring together in a single book all the most important things we know today about nutrition and weight loss.
It is possible. This is the book. And it can change your life.

A low-carb or a high-grain diet? Vegetarian or ketogenic? If you are confused, don’t worry, you are part of the majority. Every day more than a hundred scientific articles are published about being overweight. And who has time to read all this information?
Probably really only Dr. Michael Greger. Almost a decade ago, the author of the extraordinary bestseller How Not to Die, supported by a team of researchers, started to gather on a website (free of charge) the best science in the field of nutrition. In the last few years he has thoroughly investigated diets, always keeping in mind that more important than losing weight is gaining health.
With that goal in mind, he has taken from the thousands of articles a set of advice that is easy to put into practice. That is, the ones that can really be used today and always, with health benefits and without forcing the reader to go on… a diet. He suggests a plan rich in fiber and water, low in fat, salt and sugar, and full of anti-inflammatory foods.

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