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Cortina de Fumo


Author: Thomas Enger, Jorn Lier Horst

Oslo, New Year’s Eve. The annual celebration with the fireworks show is rocked by an explosion and Norway is put on terrorist alert.
Detective Alexander Blix and dogged celebrity journalist Emma Ramm are on the scene, and when a critically injured survivor is pulled from the freezing water in front of the City Hall pier, Blix immediately recognizes her as the mother of Patricia Smeplass, a two-year-old child who was kidnapped on her way home ten years earlier… and never found.
At the time, Blix was heavily involved in the investigation, but despite an intense search no trace of the missing girl was discovered. Now, as the case gains public attention once again, journalist Emma Ramm is also intrigued by the mystery. And is there a connection between the New Year’s Eve bomb and Patricia’s abduction?
When it becomes clear that nothing is what it seems, Blix and Ramm join forces by penetrating the smokescreen that is designed to hide the truth behind Patricia’s disappearance.

This work was translated from Norwegian by João Reis.

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