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José Cid


Author: Manuel Gonçalves

At 73 years of age and with more than half a century of artistic career, José Cid decides for the first time to “open the book” of his most intimate life to reveal, in this official biography, “stories” never told in public. The exile to which he was condemned at the age of eight, unusual episodes about his compulsive consumption of sweets, the love affairs that made the cover of pink magazines, the details of the tragic accident that justified the permanent use of sunglasses, how he escaped death in an air crash that killed seven people, and the violent wars of words with other artists are just some of the many subjects addressed, without taboos, in this book, which presents unprecedented and truly surprising revelations.
The most unexpected of all comes almost at the end of the biography, when Cid opens his heart and soul to tell a painful secret that has been kept for 31 years.

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