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Author: Maxime Rodinson

To know the Arab world as well as possible is an imperative need in the face of the growing perplexities that it awakens in us. Overcoming a certain strangeness, fed by simplistic or too generic ideas, is indispensable, especially for the Portuguese reader who should never forget the Arab contribution to his history.

In addition, rediscovering this civilization that marked, and still marks, the destiny of the entire world is also a particularly exciting task.
Getting to the root is certainly the most effective and most attractive way of bridging the gap.
With Mohammed, a book where all the problems of a religion and the birth of an empire and a culture intersect, Maxime Rodinson gives us a work of recognized competence, constantly reprinted in France and translated in many countries, in which the rigor and erudition of the historian combine with the training of the sociologist and orientalist to create a clear, penetrating, and almost exhaustive text.

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