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Nem Parece que Emagrece


Author: Kate Allinson, Kay Featherstone

Uncomplicated, delicious meals that are so good they don’t even look like a diet.

The answer is simple: It Doesn’t Even Look Like You’re Losing Weight offers everything you’ve always dreamed of. Its more than one hundred recipes are practical, made with everyday ingredients, and very, very varied. They include meat, fish, and vegetarian options, inspired by the most diverse cuisines: from Indian to Thai, from Mexican to Italian.
And as if that were not enough, the recipes are compatible with most diets (from Weight Watchers to Slimming World). They use no sugars, fat is kept to a minimum, and flavor is elevated to a maximum thanks to the creative intervention of chef Kate Allinson and her friend Kay Featherstone.
Cinnamon and Mint Pancakes, Strawberry Stuffed Cheesecake, or Chicken with Chilli and Honey are just a few examples. There are recipes for breakfasts, lunch boxes, everyday meals, or dinners with friends. The hard part is just the choice. Because when you see the calorie count, and the ease with which these dishes are made, you’ll understand why Pinch of Nom is the most popular blog in England (with over 1.5 million followers).

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