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O Céu Sobre a Terra


Author: Jorge Maria (Papa Francisco) Bergoglio

Carefully collected and selected, we are offered here a set of texts by Pope Francis, resulting from many of his reflections and public speeches in different circumstances. These texts are full of genesis, as the title and abundant subtitles – Heaven on Earth – try to reproduce for us, starting by evoking the arrival of the announced Kingdom of God that is concretized in the Fraternity of Love. As a first echo, in the present text, the General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation offers us, in a prayerful tone, the fraternal and warm Preface in which he asks “God that Catholics and Lutherans know how to witness together to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, inviting humanity to hear and receive the good news of God’s redemptive action.” From the reception and experience of Christian love, received from the One who loved us first, the redemptive effect of love is the suggested proposal, in the good exercise of Politics, in Culture, in religious practice, in short, in Service in solidarity, with particular acuteness with those who suffer social injustices and are dragged through the peripheries of Humanity. For this awakening, we appeal to the Culture of Encounter, because Doing Good does good and generates the reciprocity of fraternity and love that is guaranteed to transform the world.

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