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O Milionário Automático


Author: David Bach

For years, thousands of David Bach’s followers have asked him the same question: what do I have to do to get rich? Now, in a fully revised, expanded and updated version of the mega bestseller The Automatic Millionaire, the personal finance guru reveals his secret.
The book begins with the story of an American couple with a typical middle-class annual income. However, husband and wife managed to buy two houses (and pay them off in full), managed to pay for college courses for their two children, and… retire at 55 with more than a million dollars in savings.
As we follow the story of this couple, we will learn a surprising truth: it’s not by counting pennies that you get rich! The first step is to create a plan that will automatically pay today’s expenses and ensure tomorrow’s wealth.
David Bach offers an absolutely practical and realistic system, based on proven principles, with everything you need to know to – from the comfort of your own home – become an Automatic Millionaire.

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