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O Mundo Não Tem de Ser Assim


Author: Filipe Domingues

With the participation of António Guterres, O Mundo Não Tem de Ser Assim offers the most complete portrait of the UN Secretary-General’s political and humanitarian career. Based on over 120 interviews – with former heads of state and government, top UN officials and close friends of the former Portuguese prime minister – this biography tells the story of António Guterres from the awakening of his political conscience to his work on the most pressing issues of the 21st century, such as minority rights and migratory phenomena, globalized terrorism and inter-religious dialogue, or the reform of the United Nations itself. Revealing previously unpublished episodes and documents, this work also reveals the backstage maneuvers that attempted to sabotage the Portuguese candidacy for the post of UN secretary-general and António Guterres’ relationship with the two great world powers, the United States and China. Divided into four parts – which cover, respectively, the beginning of his political career, his terms as prime minister, the mission at the head of the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees and his election as secretary-general of the United Nations – this book presents António Guterres’ vision of the world, the product of his contact with world leaders and the most vulnerable populations.

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