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O Plano Nacional de Leitura

Author: Isabel Alçada

The National Reading Plan (PNL), a public policy initiative launched in 2006 with the aim of deepening literacy and extending reading practices, achieved a broad consensus and, according to the results of the external evaluation conducted by CIES-IUL, had very positive impacts on Portuguese society – especially on schools, but also on families, local communities and the population in general, which translated into a significant improvement in the literacy levels of Portuguese students in OECD PISA studies. In this study, Isabel Alçada, who was responsible for the teams that designed and implemented the PNL, describes in detail the intervention developed, presenting the core continuity program – guided reading in the classroom – and the multiplicity of projects that were aimed at school and family contexts, local communities, and the population in general. It also presents the scientific basis of the PNL, including the results of the research on which its conception was based in the areas of reading and reading learning, social reading practices and digital reading, and the results of evaluation studies of reading policies that were taken as reference for the different initiatives. It also points to new areas of intervention that the PNL should contemplate in the future.