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Pés na Terra


Author: Raquel Ochoa

The author of this book tells us: “With or without maps, the world is a splendid place where the observer is as important as the observed. And there are dull, dusty, steep, even extremely frightening places (and people); but facing nature as it is makes us greater women and men, not least because in any dark alley there is always life for a lamp.”

When we read travel accounts, we become travelers ourselves. And that won’t stop happening with the reading of this remarkable Feet on Earth, by award-winning author Raquel Ochoa, who gathers memories of trips to five continents, making us look at the contemporary world as something incredibly beautiful, but also full of inequalities and contradictions. Her experiences (above all as a woman traveling alone and facing risk and prejudice), the unexpected adventures, the hardships and discomfort along with overcoming, amazement, and pacification – as well as the passionate account of some special encounters along the way – are the ideal guide for anyone who wants to leave their navel for the navel of the world, with a backpack on their back or sitting on the couch.

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