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O Reino


Author: Emmanuel Carrere

The Kingdom tells the story of the beginnings of Christianity and how two men, Paul and Luke, transformed a small sect of Jews, led by their crucified messiah, into a religion that in three centuries undermined the Roman Empire and then conquered the world, becoming a huge and perennial success. Through Emmanuel Carrère’s hand, we access the Mediterranean world of the 1st century, in a cleverly woven historical plot (after all, there was not so much peace in the domains of the pax romana…), which is at the same time a meditation on what Christianity really is, and to what extent it still questions us today, believers and non-believers alike. As in all his books since The Adversary, the author involves himself fully in this story, with his acknowledged honesty and refusal of self-censorship. Carrère was a fervent Christian, a practicing Catholic, perhaps to an excessive degree, until he stopped believing. So it is his own story that we recognize once again as background, with all its anguish and questioning, as he constructs a book that is entertaining and serious, lively and introspective, scholarly and worldly.

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