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Sem Rei Nem Roque


Author: Matos Rodrigo e Palma João

We all know that costing the eyeballs means an extremely high price, but the (macabre) origin of this popular expression is much less known. We also know that “gilding the pill” refers to trying to improve the appearance of a not-so-good situation or thing, but how did such an image come about?
Moreover, why is it that, when one ascribes responsibility to others, one says, they who are white, let them get along? And, by the way, why, when you are unsuccessful or can’t fulfill a certain objective, is the image of being “screwed over” used?
Embark on this journey to the origins of the popular expressions most used by the Portuguese and find out these and other answers (if you don’t understand any part of it, we will draw you a picture…).

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