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Stranger Things – O Outro Lado

Author: Keith Champagne, Stefano Martini, Jody Houser, Nate Piekos, Lauren Affe

The silence, the dark, the cold – the Inverted World, a place hitherto only seen in psychic delusions and nightmares.

Will Byers doesn’t know what to call the dark place where he has ended up, but he is sure that he is alone and far from safe. A strange, ululating monster haunts every nook and cranny, and familiar voices drift through the air from the other side. To survive, Will resorts to what he has learned from the camaraderie of his friends and clings to the hope that he will be able to return to his family.

Discover what Will went through during the events of the first season of STRANGER THINGS, the hit Netflix series, scripted by comic book star Jody Houser (Doctor Who, X-Files, Faith, Mother Panic) and drawn by Stefano Martino (Doctor Who, Angel: Season 6).