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A Meio Caminho

Author: Iva Lamarão

Iva Lamarão was born and raised in a small town, insecure about her image, with the ugly duckling syndrome, went through childhood and adolescence like any woman facing complexes about the body she has and the uncertainties that life carries.
Little by little she asserted herself as a reference in the fashion world, while dealing with bullying in the academic world of Coimbra, where she took her degree in Biochemistry, and faced the ghosts of eating disorders.
Already working in television and in her field of training, she once again had to face the stigmas associated with beauty. Today she is a woman “halfway” through life. Where she knows she learned from everything that happened to her and lives naturally with the challenges.
A well-known face of SIC, the book reveals stories that the public never knew before. In this book she tells how she sees love, being a woman in the 21st century, and talks about the maximum values that move her, such as compassion and empathy.
A sincere book. The story of so many other women who will identify with it and feel heard.