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Razões para Escrever

Author: Magarida Fonseca Santos

This book is intended to be an instruction manual for learning to write better, not a guide for making writers. Without claiming to be a theoretical foundation in itself, the work shares the process, ideas, and justifications that lead the author to believe in writing challenges as a useful methodology for sharper writing, more competent reading, stimulating creativity, and unlocking emotions. It inherently contains writing challenges for those who enjoy writing and for those who want to challenge others to write. The goals to be achieved are explained, how the challenges are created and why, and how the results, collected on the HISTORY IN 77 WORDS blog over the years, show that it is a good way to go. As time progresses (and the challenges), those who walk this path will be able to change their narrative voice, to wear the skin of strange characters far away, to know how to hide what the reader can intuit and interpret with freedom. And it is a very entertaining journey.