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Author: Henrique Sá Pessoa

The challenge set by the 24Kitchen channel gave rise to COMTRADIÇÃO, a programme of traditional Portuguese cuisine, regional cooking, a closer look at “what is ours”.
During the first season, Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa travelled the country recreating, with a personal touch, some of our classic recipes, making them lighter, uncomplicated, accessible and, above all, easy to follow.
Now, in book format, Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa and the 24Kitchen channel are bringing the recipes that delighted viewers of the first season of COMTRADIÇÃO to your home.
Discover how easy it is to cook Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo, a Bola de Presunto, Rojões, Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato, Peixinhos da Horta, Pão-de-Ló or even some Papos de Anjo, and the region where they come from.
Roll up your sleeves, prepare your pan and enter the world of traditional Portuguese cuisine – with a touch of Henrique Sá Pessoa.