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O Dançarino Subtil

Author: Júlia Vasconcelos Studart

Júlia Studart’s book proposes an intellectual vertigo, the strategy of a deconstructive anthology, which does not hesitate, however, to recognize, in the new spaces through which Gonçalo Tavares passes, the autoimmunity of democracy itself, since, in the neighborhood, life is suspended to the sovereign power of the sacred and it is for this very reason that the city itself oscillates between center (center-ville) and periphery (center-vide). In this model of archi-fiction, oppositions such as truth/truth, story/history, fiction/non-fiction are no longer relevant.
a simple, yet hegemonic, chronicle of events.
Even so, the problem of tradition or style does not disappear, so that Júlia Studart unveils in her book a new global realism, associated, however, with artistic forms of long duration, to point out a peculiar spirit of the time: the acceleration of relations, to the point of modifying identity itself, associated with a depuration of death, as an ethical-religious memento, with the intention of establishing a complex and not trivial language, without many equivalents nowadays.