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Pra Cima de Puta

Author: Cristina Ferreia

On the Internet and on social networks, meanness rages, gall distills. It scares me to realize that there are people who feed on this, who judge and attack others easily and shamelessly. This book is about violence and the urgent need for change. With it, I intend to confront us with the impunity of the aggressions that, on social networks, are directed no matter to whom or with what consequences. Many will consider that this title and what I show here are more of a provocation. It is true, this book is a provocation, a call for attention. But it is also a testimony that I believe I can leave. It is a part of history and the history of people who, with impunity, choose to assault. This slander, this immense evil, in a world that needs so much of the opposite, arises why? What drives human beings to write these kinds of comments? One day, a long time from now, someone will pick up this book and be able to understand what social networks were like in this decade of the 21st century. Maybe they will find some clues. What I show here is meant to be a path opening for a sociological analysis that needs to be done. It is not to feel sorry for me or my family. It is for us to realize that women and men attack fiercely. Most of the time, without knowledge of cause, out of pure and simple envy or any other feeling that the experts will know better than I do. I want this debate to take place. I am a communications professional and I reach out to a lot of people. I want to use this influence to try to create reflection and discussion around something that doesn’t just affect me, something that I think makes us, as a society, lesser people than we could be.