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Antologia Poética de Natália Correia


Author: Natália Correia

Recommended Book PNL2027 from 15-18 years – fluent reading
(Organization, selection and preface by Fernando Pinto do Amaral) On the 90th anniversary of her birth, a look at the poetry of a great voice of the Portuguese language. “When one goes through the poetry written by women throughout the Portuguese 20th century, the name of Natália Correia continues to emerge as one of those that caused the most lasting repercussion, whether because of her strong and polemical personality or the scope of her literary work,” says Fernando Pinto do Amaral in the Preface to this work. Based on the most recent edition of Poesia Completa de Natália Correia (Dom Quixote, 1999), this anthology is intended above all to divulge the bulk of her poetic work. The criteria used to select the poems was based on a balance (naturally, always unstable) between the organizer’s personal taste and the representativeness of the various periods of her writing. This is undoubtedly a book that can provide 21st century readers with an overview of the great poet Natália Correia.

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