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Ao Sabor da Natureza


Author: Luísa Ferreira

Luísa Ferreira, after surviving a skin cancer and dealing with obesity problems, decided to approach food as the main factor of a healthy life to avoid health problems and improve quality of life.
So she created the blog “Sardinha Fora da Lata” where she started sharing the recipes she created while learning to cook vegan dishes. Living in the center of the country, used to harvesting the ingredients for her kitchen, she believes that the answer for our health, pleasure and the environment is to return to the habits of previous generations, to cultivate and consume seasonal products.
In this book you can find dozens of traditional recipes adapted to be vegan without losing a pinch of flavor or appearance! Starters, Soups, Desserts, Main Dishes, Snacks, Liqueurs, Cakes and much more!

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