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Mãe, Hoje é Bacalhau à Chef Diogo Rocha


Author: Diogo Rocha

We don’t want this secret to be kept and here we tell the story of a product of high quality, unique flavor, and culturally too important for the Portuguese.
We talk about families and for families, as if we were inside the sea, making the journey to our kitchen, ending at the table. Successful projects are inevitably filled with good, talented people with a unique entrepreneurial spirit. The history of Lugrade brings together the love of two families, Lucas and Grade, in the wonderful people of “Dona Odete” and “Senhor Lucas”, who a few dozen years ago started to build this dream of bringing to the Portuguese the best codfish in the world. Thank goodness it is so! And, with the arrival of their sons Vitor and Joselito Lucas at the command of the company, the guarantee of quality and good work will continue, and even in the next generation we can already see its continuity.
Together with Lugrade we honor our gastronomic heritage and, with this book, we unravel the next generations to be as much or more codfish lovers as all of us.

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