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As Delícias de Ella: Rápido e Fácil


Author: Ella Woodward Mills

Ella needs no introduction: with over two million followers on Instagram and a super popular podcast, she is the best known face of the new vegetarian cuisine.
What you will find in this book are more than one hundred delicious recipes from the author, all vegetable-based, but with a novelty: in addition to breakfasts (there are even pancakes!), pastes, sauces, spreads and snacks, there are two chapters of quick meals: 10 and 20 minutes only. But since many people don’t even have that much time available, Ella offers a whole chapter where she shows how to make meals for the whole week.
In addition to the new “collection” of recipes, Ella adds as special ingredients in this book everything she has learned from her popular podcast. By talking to some of the world’s leading experts on issues of natural health, ecology, or sleeping habits, the author has developed her own philosophy of wellness that she now shares with readers.
After all, these delicious dishes are only part of a much more important project: your happiness.

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