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A Nova Era

Author: Ines Gaya

Get ready to make the quantum leap that will change your life forever. In this exceptional moment we are living, the transition from the Age of Pisces to a New Age, the Age of Aquarius, we are witnessing a true revolution in the world. Each of us is experiencing an incredible opportunity to raise our vibration, heal our wounds, and awaken to our true essence. In this process of Planetary Ascension, we are invited to actively and consciously co-create our reality, and with the values of brotherhood, unity, love, freedom, peace, and abundance. Activate your quantum being with the help of meditations, rituals, prayers, and other practices of the Gaya Method. More than a book, The New Age is a mission of healing and reconnection. You can find here a special episode of the podcast Seeds of the New Age, to listen to and start discovering The New Age.